Mesa properties have come a long, long way

If you're interested in Mesa property, you're not alone. People have lived in Mesa for at least 2000 years, ever since the arrival of the Hohokam people who built hundreds of miles of canals to channel desert water for their own needs. Many of these canals are still used today, but you'll find that Mesa has since grown into Arizona's third-largest city, with a full offering of job opportunities and entertainment venues, all just 22 miles outside Phoenix itself.

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Plenty to see and do when you own Mesa real estate

You won't have any time to get bored when you own Mesa real estate because there's such an amazing range of activities for all ages. Pick from a wide variety of sports, or just head off to Mesa Golfland SunSpash, a waterpark with mini golf, bumper cars and lots more. Or why not visit the Arizona Museum for Youth? It's a unique museum where children are introduced to the world of fine arts through high-quality exhibits and hands-on activities that encourage creativity and a love of art.

And when you've done all that, there's plenty more waiting to be discovered just a stone's throw from your Mesa property, including river trips, many and varied performances at the Mesa Amphitheater, and even the chance to learn to pilot a stunt plane at Fighter Combat International.

Choose your Mesa property and enjoy an exceptional standard of living

Mesa is the 38th largest city in the US, with a diverse economy and exceptional healthcare and education systems, including the Polytechnic campus of Arizona State University, which hosts over 6,000 graduate and undergraduate science and engineering students. There are over 2,200 acres of parks inside Mesa city itself, including Red Mountain park, with an area of almost 1,200 acres. If you like outdoor life and still want to be right at the center of the action, you can't go wrong with Mesa real estate.

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